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Travel to Copenhagen

By Plane

Copenhagen's main airport (Kastrup airport (CPH)) is the largest airport in Scandinavia and has direct connections to all major European cities. The journey to the city centre takes less then 15 minutes using train or Metro.

You can also use Malmö Sturup airport (IATA code MMX) which is served by several lowcost carriers. This airport is connected with Malmö Central Station by bus (40 minutes) and from there you can take a train to Copenhagen (30 minutes). Be aware that this airport is actually in Sweden and not in Denmark.

By Train

Copenhagen has excellent rail connections to the rest of Denmark as well as southern Sweden. There are also direct connections from central station (København H) to Hamburg (several times a day), ICE train to Berlin and night trains to Munich, Basel and Amsterdam. For more details consult the webpage of Deutche Bahn.

By Boat

Copenhagen is directly connected with Oslo (Norway) and Swinoujcie (Poland).

By Car

Athough Copenhagen is on the island, it is well connected to the European highway network thanks to bridges to Sweden and European mainland (via the island of Funen). There are also numerous ferries to Germany (Rostock and Puttgarden), Sweden (Helsinborg), Norway and Poland.

Getting to the Institute

The conference venue will be H.C.Ørsted Institute, located at Universitetsparken 5, 2100 København Ø. The easiest way how to get there is to take a bus 43, 150S, 184 or 185 from Norreport and go to a station Universitetsparken. The journey should take about 8 minutes and the final stop is located almost in front of H.C.Ørsted Institute (see photo below). Be aware that that in Copenhagen all bus stops are "on demand". Norreport station is the hub of Copenhagen's public transport and can be reached from airport by train or Metro. All trains and S-togs (commuter trains) from Copenhagen Central Station heading north stop at Norreport.

Copenhagen Public Transport

Public transport in Copenhagen offers quick and reliable connection within the Copenhagen Metropolitan Area. The price of the ticket is based on the number of zones which the traveller will go through. The city centre is zone 1, airport is located 3 zones away from the centre and H.C. Ørsted Institute lies in zone 1, i.e. 3 zones away from the airport. As single ride tickets are quite expensive, you can use either 24-hour tickets (115 DKK, valid in all zones) or so-called Klippenkort: a ticket for ten rides. The price also depends on the number of zones where the ticket will be valid. You can also combine single rides from Klippenkort to obtain a ticket for longer journey: For example two rides from 2-zone Klippenkort are valid as a 4-zone ticket. The tickets can be bought at all stations and must be validated before entering train/Metro or in the time of getting in the bus. You are allowed to enter the bus only through the front door. The timetable can be found at this page .

Specifically, for walking from the CABINN hotel to the conference site, you can use this map. Example itinerary for public transport between CABINN hotel and H.C. Ørsted Institute from

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