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How to register

Prospective participants of the 2009 ATLAS Tau Workshop are requested to register before March 14 via dedicated online form.

Conference fee

Conference fee will cover

  • coffee/tea and cakes/fruits during breaks for the three days, in the amount of 53 DKK
  • lunches at the University canteen, price for one lunch (choices of warm and cold dishes and salad buffet) is 55 DKK
  • dinner at the MadKlubben restaurant, price is 375 DKK

Conference fee should be paid before coming to the workshop, via bank transfer (MIND: mentioning TAU2009 is crucial). We of course would appreciate if payment is confirmed, by the time the workshop starts.

Please pay your conference fee to the bank account of the University of Copenhagen with Danske Bank:

  • IBAN: DK41 3000 4115 2121 25
Participants with account at a danish bank should use
  • reg. nr. 3001
  • account 4115212125

The payment must include all transfer fees, including those levied at the receiving end. Be sure to include the text "TAU2009" and your name with the payment in order to make sure that the money gets credited the right place. This transfer may be done from any account using your internet bank. Unfortunately, payment by credit card is not possible. Cash payment in DKK will be accepted, although we strongly encourage participants to pay via bank transfer.

You can find the information about what you have selected, hence the total to be paid, here.

We plan to prepare a receipt for the amount you paid, in the form of one total conference fee payment. Please let us know if you prefer a different format of receipt.

List of Participants

Automatic list maintained by Indico can be found here. Restaurant

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